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Being Wealthy  was established in 2017 and is one of the wealth organization in India. It has developed a robust network to deliver consistent value to its investors across India.

Being Wealthy is a leading diversified financial institution providing a wide range of financing products and fee-based services with infrastructure as its focus area.

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There are many Investment options available in the market.
Described below are some of the options.

Let us try to explain some of them

While certain plans accrue short term profits from deposits others are long term. In the first place with respect to investing in India financial market is to understand individual requirements for liquidity, ability and willingness to take risks and the returns that they are expecting to earn. Following are leading Investment Avenues in Indian market:

Bank Fixed Deposits (Also known as FD)

FD accrues 7 to 8% of annual returns in case of non-senior citizens, basis the bank's terms and guidelines, which makes it's a famous avenue and safe investment option. The term for FD is 15 days and the maximum could be 5 years or more. Sr. citizens are eligible for a special rate of interest on FD, the current rate of return is average around 9% annual.

Insurance policies

Often Insurance products are offered with risk cover and investment returns. It offers to indemnify one’s life, assets, and money besides providing safe returns. Insurance products in India offer different options with a charge also known as premium. Famous Insurance policies in India are Life Insurance policies, Health Insurance policies, Home Insurance policies and Car Insurance policies.

National Saving Certificate (NSC)

National Saving Certificate (NSC) is subsidized and supported by the government of India as is a secure investment technique with a 6 years lock-in. There is no max limit in this investment option while the minimum amount is estimated at 100. The investor is entitled to the calculated interest of 7.6% (as on 01.01.2018, this keep on changing as decided by Govt of India) which is forfeited two times in a year. Investment in NSC is eligible under Section 80C of IT Act and the profit accrued by the investor stands valid for tax deduction up to 1, 00,000 (limit may be different as and when declared by govt).

Public Provident Fund (PPF)

Like NSC, PPF is also supported by the Indian government. An investment of minimum 500 and maximum INR. 150,000 can be deposited in a fiscal year. The prospective investor can create it PPF account in a General Post Office (GPO) or head post office or in any sub-divisions of the nationalized bank.

PPF also falls under Section 80C of IT Act so investors could gain income tax deduction of up to 1, 00,000 (limit may be different as and when declared by govt.). The rate of interest of PPF is evaluated yearly with a lock in tenure of maximum 15 years. The current rate of interest in PPF is 7.6%.

Stock Market

Indian Stock market is very fluctuating. A smart investor would construct his portfolio with a long-term view which includes strong stocks from different industries. For investing in stock market You should be ready to take risk equivalent to sum invested in the stock market. Investing in share market tends to yield higher profits. Influenced by dynamic high and lows of market events, the stock market to some extent cannot be considered as the safest investment options. However, to accrue higher gains, one must keep himself aware about the recent events and stock market news.

Mutual Funds, Gold Deposit Scheme, Real Estate

Mutual Fund

Mutual Fund firms collect money from willing investors (public at large) and invest it in share market, bonds, deposits, debentures and other financial products. Like the stock market, mutual fund investors are also entitled to various market risks but with a fair share of profits.
One should select mutual fund schemes based on all or some of the following criteria:

  • Long term and Short Term Performance
  • Consistency in Returns
  • Performance during bullish and bearish phases
  • Fund Managers performance with the fund's operations

Gold Deposit Scheme

Controlled by SBI, Gold Deposit Scheme was instigated in the year 1999. Investments in this scheme are open for trusts, firms, and HUFs with no specific upper limit. The investor can deposit invest a minimum of 200 gm in exchange for gold bonds holding a tariff-free rate of interest of 3% - 4% on the basis of the period of the bond varying with a lock-in period of 3 to 7 years.

Moreover, Gold bonds are not entitled to capital gains tax and wealth tariff. The sum insured can be accrued back in cash or gold, as per the investor's preference.

Real Estate

Real estate industry in India has huge potential in housing, commercial, retail, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing etc. Calculated realty demand for IT/ITES industry in 2010 is estimated at 150mn sq.ft. around the main Indian cities.

Which one to choose???

Its really a daunting task to choose one as each of them has different:

  • Level of risk attached
  • Time duration to earn reasonable return
  • Liquidity
  • Scale of returns
  • Options from different institutions

We at Being Wealthy, enable you to choose the one which is best for you. Contact us; we are a phone call away.

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